What TV show or movie have you watched recently?

What TV show or movie have you watched recently? What is it about? How does watching it helps you in your everyday life?

[time needed: 5 – 15 min]

These days I often feel sad and overwhelmed. Do you? I sometimes have doubts that I will live up to the challenges of the next months. I need to stop thinking and escape for a moment.

The best escape for Eli and me today is Netflix – this month we’re watching a series called Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Czech: Nezdolná Kimmy Schmidt). Kimmy is 29 and she has spent 15 years in a bunker and is now discovering the real America. Her roommate called Titus is black, unemployed, gay, and overweight.

[A1-B1] – mírně pokročilí
unemployed # nezaměstnaný
overweight # s nadváhou, obézní
challenges # výzvy
discover # objevuje
series # televizní seriál
[B1-C1] – pokročilí
overwhelmed # She felt completely ______. (= ohromený velikosti úkolu nebo množstvím práce)
doubts # I have ______ that… (= Mám pochyby, že)
live up to # I could never ____ ____ ____ my parent’s expectations. (= dostat očekávání, naplnit požadavky)
escape # She was lucky to _______ punishment. (= utéct z nepříjemné situace, taky útěk)