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Are you looking for language instruction, translation and copy-editing services?
Do you want help with your presentation or correspondence? We can help you.
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Hélène Hýlová

French language teacher and translator

Radoslav Hýl

English language teacher and climate activist

How much will it cost?



700 CZK / h
  • all materials included
  • long-term development
  • at location of your choice
  • online lessons


1000 CZK / h
  • short-term cooperation
  • targeted results
  • at location of your choice
  • urgent orders are possible


400 CZK / NS
  • into English and French
  • up to 10 pages
  • within 5 business days
  • NS = 1 800 characters (with spaces)


200 CZK / 15 min
  • at location of your choice
  • visits to Czech authorites
  • help with documents
  • phone calls and videoconference

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