[010] jak zvládnout energetickou krizi

Často se s vámi poslední dobou bavím o energetické krizi a jak zvládnout nastupující inflaci a zvýšení cen ????. Slyším spoustu skvělých tipů, a věřím, že můžeme budovat naši rezilienci spolu jako komunita. ????

# 1
This autumn, Petr is moving his parents from the small town of Pelhřimov to live at the cottage all year round ????????. In this way they will reduce their living costs and will stop using fossil gas.

Marek has cut down some dried-up trees to get wood for heating at his cottage and is ready to spend a few months there with his family if need be. Marek also showed me how to pick fruit for free. Have you heard of the Na Ovoce project? Last but not least, Marek is now cycling ????‍♂️ to work and is using his car for longer trips only.

Martina has started buying biscuits and canned food ???? in the sales. It makes her feel more secure. She is only worried about her two cats. Cat food seems to be very expensive.

Jindra is  trying to reduce food waste ????, for example, now she is using the green parts of cauliflower to make soup. Well done! Jindra has borrowed my book Zachraň jídlo v kuchyni to get even more tips.

Jarda has recently bought a portable 28-Watt solar panel (Crossio SolarPower 28W 2.0). He can charge his mobile device in case of a blackout. Jarda suggests having a piece of luggage ready at home with basic stuff and an FM radio ???? in case of emergency.

Vláďa is going to reduce the temparutre in his house this winter, although he has to persuade his mum first. She is used to 22 degrees Celsius ????, but that’s completely unnecessary. Wish Vláďa good luck with that change at home.


all year round # přes celý rok
reduce living costs # snížit životní náklady
cut down trees # pokácet stromy
in the sales # v akci
pick fruit # sbírat ovoce
last but not least # v neposlední řadě
fuel # palivo
canned food # jídlo v konzervě
reduce food waste # neplýtvat potravinami
borrow a book # půjčit si knížku
persuade his mom # přesvědčit maminku
completely unnecesary # absolutně zbytečné


Máte taky tip, jak zvládnout současnou energetickou krizi? O kolik vám podražila elektřina či plyn? Podělte se s námi v komentáři dole.
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