Eight questions (and a bonus question) for Katchem students to complete the November 2024 Grammar Workshop on the second conditional


1. If I don't get up till nine, I __________ done.
2. Pavla says she'll be sorry if Renata __________ to the party.
3. I wouldn't do this, if I ______________ to.
4. __________ mind if I came about seven o'clock tomorrow?
5. If we _________ company electric scooters, we could go to work by scooter.
6. If I __________ twenty years younger, I would go study art.

7. I am sure my partner ___________ if I asked him to take over cooking and tyding for you two weeks.
8. If I __________ so busy, I'd take a long holiday.
9. If I worked as a sales rep for Katchem, in 2024 I __________.